Help With Writing Research Papers

Research papers must be based on evidence rather than opinion. But how can you tell which evidence is best? Googling the topic may give you a very broad start, but it is not the caliber of evidence required in the third level of education. To help writing your research paper, check out your course reading list and faculty guides from your library. Remember, not all sources are created equal, so be critical! It is your job to try to be as objective as possible. Checklists, which assess the strength of the evidence, can be helpful tools in writing your research paper, especially if you are new to academic writing.

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The type of evidence you need to use also varies depending on what field you are in, so make sure you choose sources appropriate to your degree area.

How to write a convincing argument

An academic argument is not heated or emotional. It is a rational, evidence-based stance on an issue. It is also well structured and audience appropriate with evidence of deep understanding. Your introduction should outline your essay and include a thesis statement. This is a sentence, which sums up the crux of your argument succinctly and coherently.   Your main body should do more than summaries the information, it should synthesize and evaluate the evidence in order to answer the question asked. You should also defend against possible counter arguments to show you have read widely and critically. Your professor wants to see that you have considered the material, read beyond the lecture notes, and are able to apply the evidence to the topic.

Your conclusion should comprise a short summary of what you have stated in the main body of the essay. Don’t introduce any new material here; just make sure the reader knows what side of the discussion you fall on.

How to get a personal research paper helper

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